Ryan Skeen


“I’ve always loved helping people. Being a financial adviser means I get to do that every day in a very tangible and measurable way.”

Ryan began his career as a personal trainer, so having conversations about financial literacy and goals with his clients comes naturally. As does his holistic wellness approach to financial advice.

“I actually never planned to be a financial adviser, I thought I was going to be working in the sports industry,” he says. “It wasn’t until a lecturer at university challenged me to do something different that I found myself in a financial advisory placement – and I have never looked back.”

He is passionate about assisting, advising and educating young people in wealth management through a combination of financial advice and coaching.

“The diversity of people I get exposure to on a weekly basis is something I love and value, as it means I am always learning something new and being challenged in my role,” he says.

He is also keen to educate the wider community on the concept of financial wellness with his involvement in She’s on the Money, a not for profit financial education platform for women.

When not at work, he loves to tee off on the golf course and play cricket at the St Barnabas Cricket Club.