Rebecca Pritchard

Wealth Enhancers

“I love that I can use the knowledge I have acquired to positively impact people’s lives.

At school, Rebecca diligently read the guidebook for the Dollarmites Club to figure out how to maximise her savings. At just eight years of age, she set a car fund in motion, and honed her financial fitness blitzing her friends at Monopoly.

“I’m passionate about getting the everyday person having a fun and engaging conversation about financial wellbeing the same way we do about eating well and exercising,” she says.

She solidified her passion for finances with a Commerce degree followed by a few years in the corporate finance world at KPMG, before joining the Wealth Enhancers team.

“I want to continue with my learning, focusing on developing my technical skills, my coaching skills, but also moving into more positive psychology studies down the track,” she says.

Rebecca wants to engage the younger demographic in financial planning and literacy, providing “fluid advice solutions” for young people that are always on the go and have a “global mindset”. She prefers to use a range of communication resources at her disposal – from Instagram, email and Snapchat – to connect with her clients.

“I have pushed myself to be the leader of the [Wealth Enhancers] team within four years,” she says, “and am now in a position to train other advisers to work with Millennials.”