Andrew Debono

Announcer Group

“I enjoy the growth aspect of the job – not only seeing my clients grow but also knowing that I’m improving my skills and learning.”

Along with constantly upskilling, Andrew believes the key to being a good financial adviser is to build strong relationships.

“Financial advice is all about relationships, and what I have found is that the most successful advisers build great relationships with their peers and their clients,” he says.

Andrew was interested in finance from an early age – his father piqued his interest in shares and investing and he went on to complete a double degree in Economics and Applied Finance.

While at university he worked part-time at Big W, and it was here that Andrew realised he was meant to be a financial planner.

“At Big W, my favourite part was speaking to customers and building relationships,” he says. “I then thought, ‘in what career could I have the best of both worlds; building relationships and being involved in finance?’ That’s how I came to financial planning.”

In the near future, he would like to have his own business, a ‘one-stop-shop’ where clients can get advice from different professionals at any time.

“I think this is where the industry is going and it is a must for professionals to provide advice for clients at the same time.”